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, Which is the best month to visit Mykonos!, Mykonos

Which is the best month to visit Mykonos!

For most people, the holidays can only be in the summer months, but there are many who will take their leave or just plan a getaway a few days before or after the summer. Many also consider April, May and September to be the smartest choice and the ideal holiday month, since then they will enjoy an “alternative summer” with much better conditions. We have gathered the reasons why we believe that wonderful Mykonos is the ideal choice for holidays these months.

1. A completely different view of the island of fun.

When we talk about Mykonos, most people think of images from an island full of people who are having a lot of fun. It is also known that the name of Mykonos is synonymous with parties worldwide. During the summer months it is often impossible for someone to even walk the alleys, with all this people flocking to have fun or to see so many celebrities up close. This starts in June and lasts until the end of August. However, the tourist season in Mykonos, as in many other Greek islands, lasts from April to October, which means it is worth visiting the island, before or after the exhausting summer season, while Mykonos offers the same as in summer, at a much more relaxed pace and more unpretentious mood.

, Which is the best month to visit Mykonos!, Mykonos


2. The weather is perfect.

If you are worried about the weather in Mykonos these months, we just advise you to see it as an extension of summer. Take your swimsuit with you and enjoy the turquoise waters of the island, away from the noise and crowds of August. The temperature ranges from 25-30 degrees Celsius, therefore it is as warm and cool as it should be, while the water temperature makes it ideal for diving in the Aegean. It is also almost impossible to experience rain these months. All you need is a long sleeve for the cool summer evenings. Do not forget to swim in the most beautiful secluded beaches of Mykonos!

3. The opportunities are great.

Visiting an island with so much glamor outside of peak season offers a number of benefits. Far from excessive tourism, you will enjoy the best quality services and you will find good offers. You will also be able to enjoy your meal in a good restaurant at lower prices. Another reason is that then you will even be able to buy expensive products such as jewelry, accessories, clothes, etc. at much more affordable prices, with good offers and discounts, while the shops are open until late at night.


, Which is the best month to visit Mykonos!, Mykonos

4. It remains the cheerful atmosphere of summer.

If you visit Mykonos these months, does not mean that there are no parties and entertainment, as bars and restaurants still offer their excellent services. The same goes for beach parties at well-known beaches and bars such as Super Paradise, which continue dynamically, but without all this crowd that is suffocatingly crowded during the summer months. Another advantage is the fact that during these months you can enjoy your bath in the sea with more calm and having more space, which is impossible in summer.

Mykonos is a unique and adorable island suitable for all tastes and has much more to offer than frantic fun and endless masses of visitors. Enjoy a few days on this adored island with its narrow alleys, all-white houses with blue windows and crystal clear waters, such a simple but at the same time unique trip!