Mykonian Breeze, where the body calms and the soul travels through the senses.Built in a quiet area, within walking distance from Ano Nera Square.

Mykonian Breeze

Ano Mera, Mykonos, Greece - Zip: 84600

(+30) 2289072747


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Clicks and places from the hidden side of Mykonos

Everybody has heard of Mykonos once in their lifetime. The island is part of the Cyclades islands and called the Ibiza of Greece. Known for its lavish parties and the jetset life. But this island has a lot more to offer than just that. Discover the favorite places and habits of local people in Mykonos through their own photos

View of the famous Windmills, a full moon night. Photo taken from the balcony of Caprice Bar, in Little Venice.

Petros the pelican, the mascot of Mykonos, goes to Nikos’s tavern, knowing that they will give him a snack.

Armenistis Lighthouse, located in Cape Armenistis. It is an iconic sight of Mykonos island, offering spectacular views! It is one of the most interesting lighthouses of the Cyclades and it dates back to 1891.

Fokos Beach, one of the most secluded beaches in Mykonos, offers a simpler, more natural side of the island. you can truly relax on this beach anytime of the season!

Makis outside his tourist shop in Matogianni, one of the most famous streets of Mykonos. Many of them are handmade, knitted crochet from his wife. Makis is a very familiar person on the island. Αll the locals make a stop in his shop to discuss and comment on the daily events of Mykonos.


The view from Kanalia. The photo is taken from Ornos. At such moments, the magic of Mykonos imprisons you forever.

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